The Steering Committee provided guidance and oversight to the development of the strategy with input from Pillar Working Groups, focused on prevention, harm reduction, treatment and enforcement.

Members of the Steering Committee who developed the Strategy included interested individuals, service providers, community and volunteer agencies, individuals with lived experience and other stakeholders who support the work of the CDAS.


The following Steering Committee members have led and supported the development of the Strategy.

  • Co-Chair, Rhonda Brittan, Middlesex-London Health Unit

  • Co-Chair, Brian Lester, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

  • Joe Antone, Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

  • Anne Armstrong, London CAReS Homeless Response Services

  • Laura Cornish and Jan Richardson, Neighbourhood, Children and Fire Services, City of London

  • Scott Courtice, London InterCommunity Health Centre

  • Jon DeActis, Mission Services of London

  • Casey Donkers, Community Member

  • Tracey Law, London Area Network of Substance Users

  • Daryl Longworth, London Police Service

  • Janette MacDonald, Downtown London

  • Catherine McInnes, London Arts Council

  • Beth Mitchell, Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex

  • Jen Pastorius, Old East Village Business Improvement Area

  • Michelle Quintyn, Goodwill Industries

  • Linda Sibley, Addiction Services Thames Valley

  • Michael van Holst, Councillor Ward 1, City of London

  • Enforcement Pillar Co-Chair, Bruce Rankin, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

  • Enforcement Pillar Co-Chair, Chris Auger, Ontario Provincial Police

  • Prevention Pillar Co-Chair, Anita Cramp, Middlesex London Health Unit

  • Prevention Pillar Co-Chair, Pauline Andrew, Social Services, County of Middlesex

  • Harm Reduction Pillar Co-Chair, Sonja Burke, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection

  • Harm Reduction Pillar Co-Chair, Natalie Meade, Middlesex London Health Unit

  • Treatment Pillar Co-Chair, Michael Annett, Salvation Army Centre of Hope

  • Treatment Pillar Co-Chair, Pam Hill, Addiction Services of Thames Valley

Steering Committee Members

  • Muriel Abbott, Middlesex-London Health Unit

  • Al Edmondson, Mayor, Middlesex Centre

  • Lori Hassall, Canadian Mental Health Sciences Centre

  • Heather Lumley, St. Leonard’s Community Services London and Region

  • Janet McAllister, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

  • Suze Morrison, London’s Diversity and Race Relations' Advisory Committee

  • Kelly Simpson, South West Local Health Integration Network