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online survey 

As part of developing a Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy, we recieved feedback on draft recommendations for each of the four pillars of the strategy: TREATMENT, HARM REDUCTION, ENFORCEMENT, and PREVENTION.

An independent company, the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness, will be collecting and analyzing the online survey component of the data. 

Public Consultations

We also recieved feedback about the draft recommendations through five public consultations held throughout Middlesex and London.

focused sessions

As part of the community consultations, we also conducted focused sessions with three populations that were deemed important to gather input from. These populations are LGBTQ+ youth, members of indigenous communities, and people with lived experience (individuals who use drugs).

The information from each of the consultations will be collected and analysed, and will help refine the recommendations, identify priorities and form the final strategy. The final strategy is expected to be released and posted on the website by summer 2018. Thank you to everyone who participated in the consultations, it truly is a community effort.